Ruby console project

Implement a Bread making machine. Each machine has a brand and a name. A machine has the possibility to select from a few pre-established bread types: white, with grains and integral. In the bread composition there is flour, water and yeas. To these it can be added oil, milk, salt, sugar or dried fruits. There are multiple bread making machines, some make simple bread that has 2 sizes, others make also sweet bread and panettone. The implementation of the Bread machine should allow the user to choose if it’s a simple or performant bread machine, the simple one can only make white bread, bread with grains and integral bread in two sizes(small and big), while the performant ones can also make sweet bread and panettone. Once the user chooses the type of bread he wants, he needs to add the quantity for the default ingredients(flour, water and yeast) and if he wants any of the extra ingredients he needs to add the quantity for those too.

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