Second- hand items trading platform for international student in NY

A Written Business Plan (30-50 pages plus supportive documentation chapter), which provides more in-depth detail and is intended to be a printed leave behind for potential investors following the Pitch Presentation to aid in their decision whether to invest in the business venture. A detailed template will be provided. Areas that should be covered include the following:
o Executive Summary
o Business Opportunity Description
o Business Environment Analysis
o Competitor Analysis
o Market Analysis
o Marketing Plan
o Operations Plan
o Financial Plan
o Organizational Structure
o Project Plan and Tracking Mechanisms
o Supportive Documentation (Attachments, Appendix, Schedule, etc)

You will build a business plan as follows:
That can hold up to expert scrutiny
That you will present persuasively, including responding to challenges
The plan will reflect substantial research and rigorous thinking
You will develop your business concept and Capstone plans as if you were fully intending to
launch it and to seek funding
The question you should continuously ask yourself as you develop your business plan is Have I
provided the compelling evidence needed for an angel investor or venture capital firm to back me?

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