Security and Insecurity in Global Politics


(Quick outline of Module – Security and Insecurity in Global Politics is a module covering a range of conceptual, empirical and policy issues around the global organisation of ‘security’, broadly understood. It is not a module on war, although we do discuss varieties of political and organised violence. The main focus is instead on different theoretical framings of security, the history of security as an idea and a practice, and several of the many contemporary spheres of security. )

You have to choose one topic from the questions below and write an essay, please try to use different sources and provide sufficient arguments. Provide bibliography using Harvard Referencing style.

1) Is development a problem of security?

2) To what extent are environmental issues a matter of security?

3) What are the implications (and potential dangers) of securitising the environment?

4) To what extent do arms control efforts represent the changing nature of security since the Cold War?

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