Selective Mutism in Children

-Minimum of 8 references required; web page based references discouraged (use published materials from medical journals and textbooks)

Papers will be graded on the basis of the following (140 points total):
Content (70 points)
    Is the topic appropriate for the assignment?
    Is the focus of the paper significant?
    Is information conveyed thoroughly and efficiently?
    Is the information accurate and consistent with the verifiable sources?
Organization (30 points)
    Is the paper appropriately organized?
    Are there enough details at the appropriate level?
    Are there effective transitions from one point to another?
Format (25 points)
    Is appropriate APA writing style used (title, headings, margins, font, double spacing)?
    Is information properly cited in the text?
    Are the references properly cited?
Mechanics (15 points)
    Is the writing clear and concise?
    Is the sentence structure adequate?
Do errors of punctuation, grammar, and mechanics interfere with the reading/understanding of the paper?

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