Self-Leadership Analysis

1.    Carry out the following 2 assessments and answer all the associated questions in complete and correct sentences and using a separate section of your written report for each assessment, duly labelled. (Each report to be no more than one page per assessment.)
a.    Self-Assessment 3-1: Determining your LPC

b.    Self-Assessment 3-2: Assessing a Leadership situation

( Self-Assessment 3-1 and Self-Assessment 3-2 are provided in attachments)

2.    Provide a final Conclusion section of your report (1 page, in correct paragraph format, etc.) in which you provide the background of the leadership scenario and consolidate the results of your assessments, interpretations and analysis by summarizing your conclusions with respect to this particular leadership situation. Consider how this knowledge may lead you to take particular steps to improve your leadership of other individuals in various situations in the future and how this may be beneficial for your personal/professional life. What has this taught you about yourself as a leader and what are some aspects that can be improved upon?

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