Exploration of shapeshifters from a cultural perspective

The werewolf is only one example of a shapeshifter, but this is a tradition that is found in many cultures around the world. Your task for this assignment is to find and research one such creature from another culture, and to create an infograhpic that displays your research findings.

Make sure to review the information on conducting a cultural analysis before you complete your assignment. There is also an example of an infographic provided for you in this module.

There are two restrictions on your work this week:

You can’t choose the European/American Werewolf
You can’t choose the Navajo Skinwalker
These topics are off limits.

Assignment Details for Infographic:
In your infographic make sure that you include the following information:

Name of the shapeshifter you are analyizing.
What does it look like (Image if possible if not why)
Culture it comes from and where they are located
Structural analysis – Key Facts
How does one become this shapeshifter?
Other important facts to the folklore
Function in society
What is its purpose
Psychological analysis
What cultural concerns or fears does this represent
Are there rules, sayings, or superstitions surrounding this creature
List of your sources (at least 2 scholarly sources

You can choose any type of infographic you want to make. Some helpful free sites are:

Adobe Spark (you can choose to create a page, image or video)
You can use any of the above or another site you are familiar with.

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