Simulation Project

-Please submit a one page paper outlining the topic for the project and steps that you will need to take to create your simulation. 

This is a proposal paper, so please justify the reasons for your simulation, and include any background data to justify its creation.  Please include a flow diagram of your proposed simulation and indicate all inputs, outputs, potential loops, random number algorithms that might be needed in your simulation.

#1 – 1 page APA formatted assignment

#2 Flow diagram of proposed simulation

#3 List of inputs and outputs with any formatting considerations

#4  Use of internal loops, random number generators, etc. that you might need to use.

#5  References and resources that will be used.

-Submit your 5 page paper for your project.  It should include an introduction, explanation of development of your simulation, a flow diagram detailing the logic behind your simulation and any other pertinent information.

#1 5 page paper, APA format

#2 Introduction, rational for development

#3 Flow diagram of final project simulation including all inputs, outputs and formatting issues.

#4 Design considerations that you included in your model

#5 Final Wrap up that should include a Lessons Learned with regards to any future simulation models that you would deisgn.

-Create in Excel an Operational Simulation model.

Your model should

#1  Allow inputs, with explanations for formatting

#2  Provide outputs, with explanation of results

#3 Incorporate internal loops based on data input

#4 Assign a random number generator within your simulation.

#5 Spreadsheet should clearly define how each cel changes based on inputs or other manipulations.

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