Slack & Wise

Read the entire Slack and Wise book and write a response paper (at least 3-4 pages). Here is a list of potential topics to explore, but you are welcome to focus on others. Your response should highlight key concepts and quotes from the reading by noting some of the author’s most important points, examples that resonated with you, and questions that the text raised. Be sure to use quotations from the text and cite the book properly.
Potential topics include:

1. What is technology?
2. The relationship between technology and culture
3. Technological determinism / cultural determinism
4. Why does the language we use matter when discussing technology?
5. Articulation/assemblage approach to technology

The Book is Culture and Technology A Primer
second edition
by Jennifer Daryl Slack & J. Macgroegor Wise
isbn: 9781433107757

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