Social class and Crime

Part 1: 75 points (ANSWER AS ESSAY)
1.    Considerable debate exists regarding the relationship between social class and crime. Describe the nature of this debate as it has developed over time in criminology. What are the arguments put forth by the different proponents? What problems arise in the examination of this relationship?

2.    UCR, NCVS, and self-report data provide somewhat different pictures of the volume and distribution of crime. If you were a home-security salesperson intent on making sales, which data source would you use to convince potential customers of the need to buy your product and why? Make a case for your choice over the others.

3.    Age and gender are two social characteristics consistently linked with crime rates. Based on current research and theory, how do you account for the high rates of criminal activity of young males? Do you predict that this pattern will change for these two variables in the future? Why or why not?

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