Social Documentation assignment for Photography class discussion board

Social Documentation assignment for Photography
You are to answer, discuss the 3 questions below, use pronouns use your own opinion and words.
1-What is a social justice issue that you care about and how can photography shine a light on this issue? (I choose the social justice homelessness, so please write about like why is important to you, this case me also,  add more just make sure you mention the homelessness situation in the USA is out of control, an issue that needs to be addressed and most important make sure you answer the question my instructor is asking. In my opinion, yes photography can shine a light on homelessness (answer how?)
one full paragraph, 8 sentences at least.

2-Do you think that a photographer can portray the full truth about a situation through an image or a photo essay? (yes, then write a paragraph explaining how mention how the photographer that I choose is able to do that I am attaching his link so please read and then answer this question. Please give your opinion to use pronouns, simple wording, keep simple. One full paragraph, 8 sentences at least. My chosen photojournalism photographer is David Blumenkrantz
3- Include a link to the work (below is the link) of a photojournalism photographer making images of this social justice issue and state whether or not they have an insider or an outsider perspective. One paragraph a few sentences is fine.
Photos by photojournalism photographer David Blumenkrantz

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