Source analysis paper

The paper will be written on the sources that the professor gave in class. Those document will be attached below. All citations and  specific examples must come from the sources given in the attached documents.

Question: In what ways is the Color Line drawn in American Culture? Do laws or social
assumptions appear to affect the treatment of Black Americans and/or Mexican Americans more?
Answer the question after reading all the sources.

You must cite at least three of the primary sources in the written essay. And two of the secondary source essays. (Three examples from the primary source packet PSR #2-Multicultural-The Color Line.pdf and two from the other given pdfs)

3-5 page essay; 100 points
Upper left corner: Name, Course & Section/Professor/Date
Double-spaced, 10 or 12 point font, New Times Roman or similar font.
Citations should be in-text (title of source and page number)
1 inch margins on all sides.

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