Special Education Teacher and General Education Teacher

Reflection assignment on the general education teacher and the special education teacher:

All team members are accountable for understanding the procedures and guidelines for the special education process. Discuss how you plan to comply with this requirement and explain how you will ensure that other team members understand their roles.

Describe strategies you could employ for ensuring confidentiality of information and instilling trust with parents/guardians.

Discuss the legal, ethical, and policy responsibilities teachers have related to the educational, developmental, and medical services for individuals with disabilities and their parents/guardians.

Describe how you will encourage the involvement of parents/guardians and students in the IEP process. Include discussion about how you will document all efforts to involve parents/guardians and students in the process.

Describe the major differences in roles between the special education teacher and the general education teacher. Discuss whether your frame of reference about the roles of educators in the special education process has changed, and if so, explain how.

Describe strategies that could be used for effective collaboration between the special education teacher and general education teacher to support learning for students with disabilities.

Data collection should be completed by both special education and general education teachers. Describe specific strategies you can employ in your future professional practice to streamline the data collection process and support team members in the process of data collection.

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