This is a Strategic Rewards Management Exam Paper.

It is a brief case study with 4 questions.

Word Limit: 1800 words. *(The entire exam paper should consist of 1800 words, not each question 1800 words.) There is a penalty if the word limit is exceeded by more than 10% or is short by more than 10%.

Referencing: Chicago 17th B

I will attach the following documents:

1) The PDF is the Take-home exam (Lee Citizen).

2) PowerPoint file Exam Guidance – This details what is needed for the exam paper

3) Exam Guidance 5 – Further instructions for the exam paper

4) Screenshot Practice Case Study 1-4 – This different case study with answers will help you to understand what is required when answering the Take-home exam(Lee Citizen) questions in the PDF

5) PowerPoint MGMT3014 lecture notes to help you answer the Take-home exam in the PDF

It is very important that you read Exam Guidance 5. This mostly details what is required for the exam and the style of answering should be in Essay Style. The Lee Citiezen case study is the Take-home exam so please answer this case study fully.

**Please provide definitions when you mention terms for the first time. Provide examples whenever possible.

There is no limit for References. However, since you have to provide definitions and examples, the more references from credible scholarly articles would be best.

**Please always relate your answer to the case study and do not trail off from the case study after providing examples and definitions etc. It is very important that you stick to the Take-home exam case study when answering its questions!

I only have less than 24hrs to complete and hand in this Take-home exam. So time is of the essence.

Please please do a very good job for this assignment. I need to pass this to complete my studies. This is very important. Thank you so much. Good luck!

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