Steganography in the Blockchain

Hello its me.

Please take a look at the attached PDF. The steganography that they are talking about is not simply about how blockchain encrypt the data, but about how people can “make use” of blockchain and embed data inside the block. In their research, they embed an integer in the block for the receiver to extract it later and get the secret integer inside.

I would like something similar with that – embedding data (any data, even just an integer) during the process of ECDSA signature secretly, and for the receiver to get the secret data that was hidden inside that. I don’t need a very specific algorithm. I just need a possible idea that might work, for example, in which process I can embed the data, where to embed the data ( r, s, v?)

following the flamework –
1) Why is it important?
2) optional – Is there any background information? (for people to understand the upcoming proposal)
3) What suboptimal process are you trying to improve? How have problems similar to this been studied?
4) important – Talk about the idea of embedding data in the ECDSA. (how? when? where?)
5)  The ways to test if the idea really work in the future.

Please feel free to let me know if I am being confusing.

Thank you again.

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