Stories of Cultural Distance and Imposed Assimilation

write and submit  a concise and coherent essay addressing the QUESTION below and including in your answer all the NAMES TO USE (all used correctly and in relevant context).

The Russian conquest of the Caucasus was a complicated business. It occurred slowly and took different forms in different regions.  Moreover, the Russians, the  rulers of small local kingdoms and khanates, and other large imperial powers all had varied interests at stake. Discuss, using the names in the following list.


1.      Alexander I

2.      Bagration (or: Bagrationi)

3.      Catherine II (the Great)

4.      Georgievsk

5.      Imereti

6.      Kabarda

7.      Kartli-Kakheti

8.      Khevsureti

9.      Qajar (or: Qajars)

10.  Terek

11.  Tiflis

12.  Vladikavkaz

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