stress reduction action paper

I.    Introduction
Review your top three stressors and state why you chose them. Discuss your readiness to change. It is understandable if you are not ready because certain changes take more effort and commitment. So be honest with each stressor. State why or why not you are ready.

II.    Goals, Activities, and Tasks
A.    Create a Goal Statement for each stressor. See page 142 in the text where the author describes writing statements of affirmation. This can help you formulate positive goal statements. Here is a sample Goal statement for the Stressor, Procrastination:
I complete tasks on time and I feel the joy of accomplishment
B.    List all the activities and tasks that you will perform to make the goal happen. Include target dates if applicable. Include tasks from each of the Five Dimensions of health. Keeping with our Procrastination sample:
1.    Spiritual: Pray for motivation and insight
2.    Mental: Keep daily to do list
3.    Physical: burn stress by e xercising; tackle difficult tasks afterwards
4.    Emotional: Repeat positive affirmations
5.    Social: Commitment to doing tasks on time allows more time to socialize; study or work in groups for networking
Do this process for each of the three stressors. Use the text to research your strategies. Do not limit your tasks to just one per dimension as this is only a sample. The text is full of resources so demonstrate your ability to find them. Acknowledge the page # when applicable.

III.    Honest Appraisal
Discuss the reasons you will succeed with your plan. Identify all the resources at your disposal. This can include personal traits that will help you, other people, and tangible resources. Finally, identify potential blocks or barriers and state your strategy for overcoming them

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