Supply Chain Risk Analysis

1.    An introduction which addresses the reasons why cooperation on a global basis is required to address cybersecurity related risks in global supply chains for products and services. Your introduction should include a brief overview of the problem of supply chain risk as it pertains to the cybersecurity industry.
2.    A supply chain risks section in which you identify and describe 5 or more specific sources of supply chain risk which impact cybersecurity related products and services.
3.    A due diligence section in which you address the use of diligence processes (investigating suppliers before entering into contracts) as a supply chain risk management strategy. Include 5 or more cybersecurity related questions which should be asked of suppliers during the due diligence process. This section should include discussion of political, economic, and social factors which impact management of supply chain risk.
4.    A best practices section in which you address 5 or more best practices for managing global supply chain risks in the cybersecurity industry. You must also provide an evaluation of the expected benefits from implementing each of these practices.
5.    A summary and conclusions section in which you present an overall picture of the supply chain risk problem in the cybersecurity industry and best practices for managing supply chain risks.

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