SWRK 4200 / 4300 Aboriginal Child and Family Services

Written Assignment #6 DUE

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In the details of this paper you will need to examine social work practice with children and families experiencing abuse and violence and the unique aspects of social work within Aboriginal communities. Key Activities: Read and understand the following: 1. Review Unit 4 materials, paying particular attention to the key resources listed below. 2. Develop a response to the following question: "Critics of the book In search of April Raintree have argued that the sexual assault scene is too graphic in its portrayal of violence against Indigenous women (especially for young readers). Identify the unique aspects of addressing abuse and violence within Aboriginal communities. Utilizing Aboriginal approaches identify different strategies for healing Aboriginal children and families." 3. Ensure your paper adheres to the following format:  5-7 pages double spaced (and no more than 10 pages – as I will only mark up to that· point),  12 point, Times New Roman Font  includes at 2-3 references from course material,·  American Psychological Association (APA) formatting.

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