Technological Innovation

700-800 words

Consider technological innovations and developments in your field or other fields and address BOTH***of the following questions. First, examine the social consequences of one such innovation and describe how this innovation has either increased or decreased social justice and inequality in the U.S. Then, discuss whether and/or how this will influence constructive and deconstructive interactions between people from different cultural, racial, and ethnic groups within the U.S.  Please integrate course material (concepts, theories, discussions, lectures, readings). Please cite at least one course reading and one appropriate source from outside class.  All course materials are posted on the course homepage.

Instruction: Please review the rubrics before you start writing the paper.  Your paper should have a clear structure, including a thesis, body paragraphs with clear topic sentences and focused discussions, and a conclusion.  You can use any major citation format (APA, IEEE, Chicago, MLA), but should include an intext citation and a reference list for each citation.

Format: double space, 12 font size

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