My slides are already done. I need more speaker notes.  This is feedback to go off of. Please review the presentation from Mrs. Flynn and myself about the PowerPoint presentation. This includes the formatting for your in-text citations and reference pages. I noticed there are a large number of references, but there are not as many in-text citations. Every reference should have at least 1 in-text citation. If some of them are for the pictures and artwork, please refer to last nights team meeting. We covered how to cite/reference these. If you have a direct quoteplease be sure you are formatting your in-text citation correctly.
The second thing is in regard to the number of words on a slide. Again, please refer back to our presentation from last night and the one put forward by Mrs. Flynn a couple of weeks ago. As we said in that meeting, you will only have up to 6 bullet points, and each of them will have no more than 6 words each. These should not be sentences or paragraphsonly the key points you want to talk about . Each of those bullet points need to have a few sentences about them (describing them) in the notes/presentation. Your presentation notes should be what you would say to your audience if you were really speaking these notes. It should be more than just 1 sentence for each bullet pointtell me why it is important (why should I care?); what difference will it make to our hospital; what does the research say about it?
The notes should be describing what is on the slide. There is one slide where the presentation notes are talking about something from the BELT framework, but the words on the slide do not have anything about the BELT framework. I am not sure if this was a copy and you meant to change the presentation notes, but it was confusing.

If I do not need a reference please take it off.  It is speaker notes so it should reflect as if you were talking.

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