Texas government

Write an essay based on the following prompt.
Identify three public policies enacted by the 85th (2017) and/or 86th (2019) Texas Legislature that are designed to promote social responsibility. Write an essay in which you 1) provide some brief context on each issue, 2) why or how, specifically, each policy is related to social responsibility, and 3) to what degree will the people of Texas or community benefit from this legislation.
1. Use at least two (2) different outside sources of information in addition to that source used to identify the public
policy discussed.
2. Write at least 500 words of text (not counting your Reference or Works Cited page).
3. Adhere to academic-style writing, structure, grammar, and punctuation rules.
4. Utilize appropriate in-text source citations.
5. Include a properly formatted Reference or Works Cited page.
6. Consult your Grading Rubric for grading information.
1. To enhance your understanding of social responsibility
2. To advance your communication skills
3. To practice critical thinking and advance reading and writing skills
4. To practice the process of research and writing
Academicmembers of your GOVT 2306 class

At least 500 words (not counting your Reference or Works Cited page). A significant number of points will be deducted from your papers grade if it falls short of 500 words.
You must use appropriate MLA or APA rules for citation and formatting.

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