The Personal Narrative or Informational Text Writing Assignment

Your personal narrative or informational text will be multi-stepped and uploaded in ONE Word document. Please, no entries about the birth of your children or romantic topics. Your topics should be appropriate for the age level of children you will teach.
You will find the 6+1 charts that you are to use posted after the dropbox assignment in this module and the dropbox assignment.
The published, final piece is to be NO MORE THAN TWO PAGES IN LENGTH. So, your ONE Word document that you upload in the dropbox will have these components in it and will be lengthy. Each component (section) must be clearly labeled (titled):
Prewriting – You will copy and paste your small moment or graphic organizer with introduction entry from your writer’s notebook. If you are not using the prewriting you created in the Reasons We Write Module, you will need to prepare a new prewriting.
First draft. This is where you expand the prewriting entry into about a two-page story.
6+1 Self-Assessment Chart (assessing ideas, organization, voice, word choice, and sentence fluency) only. Complete this thoughtfully. If you just check everything, then, you are saying that your paper is perfect! You place the chart in your exhibit.
Revising (showing how you revised). There should be a match to your 6+1 Self-Assessment Chart areas you targeted in self-assessment. I would suggest that you use track changes to show how you revised, but you may use colored highlighting to show changes also.
6+1 Conventions Self-Assessment Chart only, not the 6+1 Self-Assessment Chart.  This is focused on the editing components before you are ready to publish.
Final Piece – final, perfect, published piece (no more than two pages in length, double-spaced, 12 pt. font).
The assignment will be graded according to 6+1 Writing Traits guidelines. View the rubric in the assignment. See the 6+1 rubrics and self-assessment charts next and in the assignment.

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