The Positioning of Brands

The Positioning of Brands
Brand equity is a vital part of an organization. You will analyze an established company to
understand the factors influencing recognized brands and identify ways to influence change.
Course Objectives
Design effective marketing programs by selecting an appropriate product, price,
promotion, and place strategies.
Enhance the ability to make ethical decisions which apply to a marketing arena.
1) Save and print the Module 3 Analysis-Application PDF.
2) Create a presentation of 15-20 slides. Follow APA (6th editon) format for the references and
in-text citations.
3) Follow the directions to submit the presentation.
Step 1. Locate
Go to the Interbrand website found on the Learning Objects page and locate McDonalds
research information.
Step 2. Analyze
Analyze the reasons McDonalds has seen a decline in its brand value for the past several
years. Identify McDonalds positioning strategy. What differentiates McDonalds from its
Step 3. Create
Create an online presentation with 15-20 slides addressing the loss in brand equity
and the positioning statement for McDonalds. Identify any recent changes the
company has made to combat a decline in revenues.
Use online presenter resources compatible with Canvas. Include an introductory summary slide
and a references slide. Submit the presentation as a PDF. Include a link to the online version in
the comments box. Use APA to cite two or more peer-reviewed references in addition to
Marketing Management
2018 American College of Education 2
Step 4. Add
Add to the presentation in Step 3 ways to reposition the McDonalds brand? What changes
would you make to the menu? How would you attract more millennial consumers in the future?
Include a reference slide.
Step 5. Share
Upload a copy of the presentation and include a link to the online interactive version of the
comments section. Share the link with your peers in the Coffee Chat

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