The public universal friend

Pick one of the Messiahs discussed in American Messiahs.

Describe what you think are the most important aspects of this leader (or the movement) that sets him or her apart from the other leaders or movements covered in the book.

Find on the internet or in the book itself at least three primary sources related to this Messiah or his or her following. Use those sources to make an argument about the leader or the movement. You can use the techniques of the SOURCE analysis in this paper, but the best papers will not be just three SOURCE analyses bookended by an introduction and conclusion.
Source Analysis.
Series of Steps:

Origin: Who is the author of the document? What is the document?  Where was it produced? When was the document produced? (You can do outside research to answer questions about the author. Your answer should included information beyond the name of the author. Provide qualities and experiences of the author that might influence the creation of the document.)
Use: Why was it produced? How did the author intend for it to be used at the time of its creation? If it makes an argument, what is that argument? How was it actually used?

Red Flags: Every document contains bias, because all authors harbor biases? What biases did this author hold? Did the author have ulterior motives, like a motivation to stretch the facts for financial gains or to bolster their own reputation? Despite the presence of inevitable bias, can you trust the document?

Context: What was going on at the time that the document was produced that affected the creation of the document? Use this section to show that you have read the book. Quote directly from Morris.

Evidence: What direct quotations from the document could you use as evidence in a paper in a history class. In this case, find evidence in your document to support one of two arguments: either that Shakers were a dangerous cult or that Shakers were not a dangerous cult.

The best papers will have a thesis, will use evidence from the primary sources to support it, and will cite Morris to provide context.

Book used- American Messiahs: False Prophets of a Damned Nation
Adam MorrisMarch 26, 2019Liveright Publishing

Thesis ( rough) I was thinking of using the photos of the home as the argument of how devoted her followers where and how effective the home was for the( PUF) to preach during the late 1700’s to the early 1800’s to lay the ground work for further american Messiahs to follow.
Note- Debunk that The Universal Friend. Pictures of houses would count, but the key would be whether the houses support an argument (can you use them as evidence and not just as illustration)?

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