The role of lithium in electric batteries for cars

A research about the role of the material lithium for the electric car batteries should be carried out. Solid scientific references are needed!

The following structure should be followed:

– Information about the element lithium itselves e.g. (chemical properties, mechanical properties etc.)
– General use of lithium in industrial applications (e.g. consumer electronics, energy sector, general applications in engineering for example alloys etc.)
– Where lithium is found and where it can be sourced? (buzzword: lithium triangle in South America)
– Analysis of the lithium market and its future development (supply and demand, pricing, future supply risks etc.)
– Environmental issues of lithium mining and sourcing, focus on sustainability in regards of the “green” battery technology –  a critical judgement is needed here
– Exploitation of workforce, animals and nature in general for lithium raw material sourcing should be discussed (buzzword lithium triangle in South America)

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