The Role of the Public Commemorative Monument

This is a broad topic and you will need to find a narrow focus within it. Your paper should have at least five (5) academic references- a min of 2 ebooks, 2 academic journals and 1 website. You can exceed this.

-Sources such as Wikipedia, Brittania, Encarta, or any other online dictionaries or other very short non-academic Internet entries like artsy, artstory, youtube, videos are NOT allowed.

-The monuments I have chosen are within Islamic art : I have attached the monument titles for you to look at as well as citations for journals and the pdf’s for the journals and articles.

Formatting Guidelines:

-Cite dates as follows:  1832-1836; 15 July 1836; the fifteenth-century; c. 1500; fifteenth-century houses.

-Place quotations within double inverted commas; quotations within quotations in single inverted commas.  Quotations more than 6 lines long should start on the next line and use a single-spaced block quote format.

– Images are to be included at the back of your essay in an image appendix

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