The Sexual Response Cycle According To Masters And Johnson

The Sexual Response Cycle According To Masters And Johnson

Differentiate  the sexual response cycles of males and females. What are the  differences between males and females, and what do they share in common?  

Please create this assignment in a word document and write your response in narrative format. Use complete sentences and original wording. Do not copy from our text or any other source. Your assignment must be a minimum of 500 words.

All assignments and forums in the class are designed for you to demonstrate your understanding and your knowledge  of the material content.  It is never acceptable or appropriate to  simply provide information that is copied and pasted from a source – any  source.  Even if the information were cited properly, copying and  pasting does not demonstrate knowledge.   

All  assignments are submitted to Turnitin, which is a plagiarism checking  tool.  Any assignment receiving a score of 30% or better raises serious  concerns about the originality of your work.  An originality score  should generally be no more than 20%.  Originality scores between 20 and  50% will be graded with a point deduction.  Any originality score over  50% will be graded with a 0.  Please keep this in mind as you are  submitting work. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  scores outlined  above are a guideline only and the final outcome/grade will be  dependent upon the review of the Instructor of the assignment and the  report

Please  know that there will be serious consequences for any submission made in  this class that raises the concern of plagiarism.  If you are in doubt  about something, please ask.  I am happy to clarify and answer  questions.  Thank you for your attention to this very serious matter.  

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