The Use of Sweeteners and the Rise in Obesity

The week two iLab will challenge you as it has to do with sweeteners and obesity.  Current research has shown that there may be a relationship between the consumption of sweeteners and the rise in obesity so, this will be an opportunity to examine that facts and develop an position.


Please select one of the following sweeteners:

  1. Sugar (sucrose)
  2. Fructose
  3. High Fructose Corn Syrup
  4. Stevia
  5. Equal
  6. Splenda
  7. Ace K
  8. Or another one you can find on your own


Answer the following questions about the sweetener you have selected:

1)     Select a sweetener

2)    Explore the history of the sweetener (include all of the background on this ingredient-when it was discovered, its composition by whom it was discovered, its chemical makeup, its first use, its sweetening capabilities and what foods it can be used in).

3)    Discuss safety and the sweetener you have selected.

4)    Examine the relationship between the sweetener you have selected and obesity.

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