the ways in which their own gender, race, class, nationality, sexuality, and age impacts their understanding of family

at least six (6) peer-reviewed journal articles that were not used in class. Research papers must be formatted according to APA guidelines for research papers and must include an introduction with a thesis, literature review (discussing your 6+ articles), discussion, conclusion, and reference page.

Write an engaging introduction for your topic here, not including any first-person except for in the thesis.

Use an interesting piece of information to engage your reader

The last sentence of your introduction should be your thesis. Please closely follow the thesis template I am providing: 

As a ____________  ___________, and/who/with ______________, my ______________, _______________, and ___________________ distinctly impact/influence/shape my understanding/perception of family.

Literature Review (centered header)
Discuss your 6 articles here.
Use subheaders by topic depending on the three traits you described in your thesis.

Discussion (centered header)
This is where you compare your own experience to your research. You can freely use the first person in this section only!

Conclusion (centered header)
What are your concluding thoughts here? Circle back to your thesis and summarize your findings.
Is additional research on the topic needed? Does your paper clearly show that there is a need for support for certain demographics to break destructive cycles? How could that be achieved?
No  first person here!

References (centered header on a separate page, see APA)

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