To what Extent is Jo Spence and Francesca Woodman photography relevant to women’s photography?

To what Extent is Jo Spence and Francesca Woodman photography relevant to women’s photography?

You can improve this question if you can posse it better than me.


There will be evidence that ideas, definitions and different conceptual or critical approaches and points of view have been considered before conclusions have been reached or further questions posed.

The writing will be clear and correct and, where illustrative material is included, that it is  relevant and fully integrated with the overall discussion.

References, footnotes and bibliographic details will be comprehensive and correctly laid out.


A dissertation should not be a paraphrasing of sources, It should be an in-depth complex intellectual debate. Sources are to be use only to support of this.


I have done some research and found some relevant sources which the writer should use and include in bibliography, together with her own research sources. the writer  should add more relevant sources. This is not a complete define list.


It is not necessary to use them all but at least some, as it would take me longer and I would need to read other books in order to check for the new sources.

The dissertation needs 10 intellectual valid sources which includes books and academic journals only! Please don’t include random webpages and online sources at all. All sources in this dissertation must be Books published and journals published in academia, of relevant intellectual value to the argument. This is to avoid the writer trying “short-cuts” which will demise the value of the academic paper.


The writer must provide me with her list of  books/journals for approval before proceeding, prior to any writings, failing to ignore this instruction may invalidate the whole paper as I have been specific in the academic sources to be used. As I will need to check that myself If I am able to access all her chosen sources.


The writer must have access to extensive academic libraries.


Writers without extensive access to academic libraries should not be given this dissertation to do.


I will only instruct on the sources that can or not be used. I will never provide books, journals or any sources to the writer. The writer or writing service must themselves have already access to Libraries.


Jo Spence Beyond the perfect image, photography subjectivity antagonism, and Jo spence Cultural sniping the art of transgression.

Jo Spence the final project

Francesca Woodman, Isabella Pedicini

Francesca Woodman, Chris Townsend


Other possible sources from academic recognized writers

Louise Bourgeois, la famille –

Hélène Cixous Laugh of the medusa,

Nancy Chodorow,  the reproduction of mothering.


The dissertation should intellectually study/discuss/ each picture below of Jo Spence Photo therapy and

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