toms shoes Business class strategy

The goal of this case discussion forum is to demonstrate that you can apply the concepts and techniques learned from the video lecture and assigned readings to a concrete business situation.

When analyzing a business case, what matters the most here is to articulate your thought process: you are gradually developing your critical thinking abilities by formulating a conclusion and recommendation backed up by relevant information you picked out, and an analysis you conducted (possibly using a relevant analytical technique).

TOMS Shoes Case
Questions to answer in your initial post include:

1.What are the key elements of TOMS shoes competitive strategy: Is the main source of competitive advantage best described as low cost or differentiation? Has the company focused on a narrow market segment (“niche”) or chosen to pursue broad coverage of the footwear market? Explain.

2.Does TOMS’ business model create Shared Value or is CSR an ‘after-thought’?

3.What evidence suggests whether TOMS strategy is working: Does it have a sustainable competitive advantage in all its businesses? Is its financial performance improving or declining?

4.Now that TOMS Shoes’ largest owner has become Private Equity firm Bain Capital (Links to an external site.), do you think that TOMS will be able to preserve its social mission and grow profitably? (Why? and How?)


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