Traditional school is a better option for your child

This is an argumentative essay of traditional or regular schooling vs homeschooling, SPECIFICALLY that traditional schooling represents a better option for a child and his or her development because of the importance of socialization, interaction with other children and extracurricular activities.

from this argument, it has to be demonstrated with facts, why traditional schooling is better than homeschooling (but again specifically about the point before mentioned and its direct ramifications, do not be too broad and go to other points that are no directly linked to this one)

here are some ideas or points that could be part of the argument

-The Traditional school setting is the only scenario that offers the child an opportunity for all-round development through interaction and association with other children.

-The traditional school offers a child a more effective means of development and educational training because it is well established and aligned towards the educational process. There are more benefits beyond social interaction and they include developing a sense of independence in the child and all-round development through the process of learning.

-The routine that comes with traditional schooling brings punctuality, discipline, and organization to children and young adults. This gives students a sense of responsibility to arrive to class prepared and on time.

-The difficulties that homeschooled students face when entering colleges and universities because of the complex academic settings.

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