Us history

You will take a position on a question pertaining to the past and then support that position with specific evidence from primary sources.

For the Unit 2 Discussion, you need to re-read:

Columbuss Probanzo de merito of 1493 AND Bartolome de Las Casas on the Mistreatment of Indians
Also be sure you read the following from the unit content:

Primary Source: A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia (excerpt)
Native Americans Discover Europeans (The Gentleman of Elvas) (primary source)
How the Winnebago First Came into Contact with the French and the Origin of the Decora Family (primary source)

After you have finished reading, consider this question: Was conflict between the Europeans and the Native Americans inevitable? Could it have been avoided?

If your last name is between M-Z, you will take the position that the conflict was not inevitable that it could have been avoided. Use brief quotations from the readings to support your position.

Note about your quotations:

Remember that you need to cite your source when you quote from a reading. Reminder: Quotations should not be more than 10-15% of your paper. They are not to take the place of your own ideas or thoughts; they help support your ideas and thoughts. For these readings, use these in-text citations and these full citations at the end of your postings. Please see the Citation Help.pdf for guidelines for citing sources.

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