USPS Employee Engagement

In this assignment you will explore the development of employee engagement surveys, utilizing the ideas and concepts explored in the 3 provided lectures. You are required to analyze the US Postal Service’s disastrous employee engagement survey administered by Gallup in 2015.

Provide a short summary of the issues that arise when an organization elects to conduct an employee engagement survey. Then, move directly towards providing your analysis of the positive and negative issues that could arise if the Postal Service elects to use employee engagement results as one element in making promotional/transfer decisions.
Please write your analysis in 550 words, APA Memo format, addressed to “HRVP”, and use formal, third person style (DO USE: the US Postal Service, the HR department, he, she, it, him, her, they, them; DO NOT USE I believe, I think, etc). READ MORE ON ATTACHED WORD DOC TITLED “UPS Memo Assignment”!

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