VA SOL 5.8 a-b Measurement and Geometry

This is a two week unit plan for the Virginia Standard of Learning Math 5.8.  The standards and curriculum can be found on this link by scrolling down to grade 5.  The assignment is broken into 3 stages.  I have already completed stage 1.  I will also provide you links and other resources on completing this assignment in a separate message.  It of course has to be original. 

These are the specific requirements:
Unit Cover Page – Provide a summary of the unit. Your summary should include the rational for the unit and a description of what students will understand as a result of the unit.
Stage One – You should clearly delineate what students will know, what skills they will be able to do as a result of the unit, the essential questions that will guide the teaching and learning as well as the big ideas (enduring understandings) the facts, concepts, big ideas (enduring understandings) and skills that provide the framework for the unit.  Your work should include a list of knows/understands/dos for the students for this unit that take into account the state standards.
Stage Two – Include a formative assessment in the form of a multiple-choice test. You should develop the test using test-writing rules. You should include a list of pre-assessment tools and other formative (non-graded) types of assessments you would use. Include a summative assessment developed using the GRASP model. You should also develop a rubric to assess the students’ summative product. The rubric should be based on the standards and following the design used in class.
Stage Three – There should be a unit sequence (teaching and learning activities) that provides a clear flow of the unit. Your goal is to ensure that a knowledgeable teacher who reads this section would have a clear and accurate sense of how the unit will play out from beginning to end. At least three instructional strategies should be used, three cooperative learning strategies, and you should have at least two lessons that are differentiated by interest and learning ability (high achievers, average learner, struggling learning).
Rubric – attach the rubric that is associated with your GRASP authentic assessment that you created previously.

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