video repsonse

Video Response Form

Tip: Review the rubric before beginning
My Child
    What importance does this video have to school-age students with disabilities and the teachers who teach them?
    Which sets of parents seemed to be able to retain custody of their children? Why?
    What types of assistive technology did you see in use in this video?
    What policy recommendations would you make to protect parents with disabilities and their non-disabled children?
Teachers Little Helper
    Does the over-diagnosis and medication of ADHD in school age students seem to be a problem today? Why or why not?
    You have a child with ADHD in your classroom.  Sometimes they seem to have taken their medication and sometimes they have notthis is not something that you can control.  Describe some classroom accommodations that might assist them in completing their work in class.
    You now know that you can neither diagnose ADHD nor recommend medication to parents. You also know that your school division may not want you to ask the child/parent whether the child has had his/her medication on any given school day.  How can you let the parent know that the child has had a difficult week in school?

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