Vote or Die

a.    Compare and Contrast Presidents: You need to discuss the dates that they were/are in office, what party were they a part of, what were some of the top three things they did while they were in office, etc.
i.    President Obama and President Trump
ii.    President Clinton and President Obama
iii.    President Nixon and President Roosevelt
b.    What is the importance of voting among African American people?
i.    Discuss the 15th Amendment and 19th Amendment
ii.    What is the importance of each amendment and how has it impacted race and sex in America?
iii.    Why is it important for people to vote knowing what you know now?
c.    Why is it that American citizens, specifically those who are between the ages of 18 and 30 do not vote?
i.    Do you personally keep up with politics? Explain in detail if you do or do not and the why?
ii.    Do you not think decision made by presidents of the United States do not affect you?
d.    What do you think would need to be done to increase voting outcomes?
i.    Use information from the book or ideas that you can think of independently.

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