Week 7


Part One
Answer the following questions based on the videos:
What major changes happened for women in European countries after WWI? What 2 countries are mentioned as the exception to this rule and why? (hint: you know about the situation of women in one of these countries from previous classes)
What was the cause of inflation in Weimar Germany and how did this effect citizens lives?
What was the political platform of Mussolinis fascism?
What was the great unmixing of populations, where and why did it occur?
Explain Hitlers approach to propaganda as describe in Mein Kampf
What were some reasons why the German middle class supported the Nazi party?
The first video ends with a quote about blaming outsiders and creating enemies. What are some examples from the second video of groups who were blamed as enemies and treated as outsiders in Germany and in the Soviet Union?
What were the major effects of the Nuremberg Laws?
Would you consider the Spanish Civil War to be a world war? Why or why not?
What was some evidence you heard from either video that dictators had broad swathes of popular support?
What questions do you still have after watching these short videos about this very eventful and complex period of time?

Part Two
After watching the videos and completing the journal assignment, you will expand on any one of the questions from your journal assignment by considering how one of the major topics covered by the videos (anti-semitism, economic depression, fascism, scapegoating of outsiders, global crisis, white supremacy) compares with life and politics as you experience them today. Write 3-5 paragraphs on this topic

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