Welcome to Sodom (2018) in relation to Business ethics MINDMAP

1) Read de Vrind, “From environmental ethics to sustainable decision-making” (Uploaded) and the two short academic magazine articles on Agbogbloshi (link below) . DO  LITTLE SUMMARY OF EACH ARTICLE SEPARATELY.


2) Think about the situation in the film: who are the various “actors” (e.g. workers, companies…) involved? What are their interests in this situation? How would you fit their relationships into a diagram?

3) Take the important quote you found from the film – “It’s not a place where you live long but it is a good place for business” – and make a mindmap of the various “actors” and their pros and cons. Write a short explanation (with examples) of how a teleological approach to ethics would apply in and to the situation in your mindmap. Since you’re interested also in how the situation for the Agbogbloshie workers could be improved, while still enabling them to continue working, also take a look at de Vrind’s Figure 6.2 and have a think about how your mindmap description of the situation in the film might fit into this diagram.

uploaded you can find the article on de Vrind’s, the first thoughts on the film Welcome to Sodom and notes notes about this film but in relation to business ethics, social justice and social responsibility.

Please remember to use a simple English

Remember to do a MINDMAP

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