western civilization

Write a 600-700 word essay on one of the topics below
: All papers should be double space in Times New Roman font 12. Write in paragraph
form: Each paper should have an introductory paragraph, a body section, and a conclusion
paragraph. The introduction should set your paper up, explain what the paper is about, and
present a thesis statement. A
is your papers overall point.
Do not write a general
summary. Instead, make a specific argument about the topic area chosen.
The body is where
the writer will present his/her evidence, and the conclusion should sum up the paper. The author
should cite their paper by providing a list of any source (include Author, title, publisher and date)
used at the end of the paper and using in text
parenthetical citation
(ex. Jones 109-120) in the
body of the paper. I want students to use
3 different types of sources
…the text book counts as
one. So in addition use a monograph (historical book), a newspaper article, a journal article, or a
primary source (you might find these located in a book that provides a collection of primary
Things to Remember
– Avoid personal pronouns (I, you, we, us etc.), and try and stay in the
same tense (this is history so the past tense).

1)  Discuss the turn to civilization. When did people turn to civilization, where, and what
were the long term consequences of this new way of living? What kinds of positive and
negative consequences are the result of the turn to civilization.

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