Western Civilization – Its Principles, history, and the people who designed it.

As part of the Research Paper assignment for this course, students will be required to compose and submit a Research Paper Proposal. This Proposal, in addition to a title page containing the student’s name, course and section number, and date – and of course, a title for the project, will consist of the following information:
A brief description of the chosen paper topic – a thesis statement, in a brief paragraph.
A short (1 to 2 paragraph) description of how the student intends to structure the paper.
A listing (in outline form) of the supporting arguments and sub-arguments that are intended to support the thesis.
A bibliography listing at least some of the sources the student intends to use for researching the paper – the final paper must include at least five accepted sources.
Note that this information does not need to be complete, or a “final version” for the proposal

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