World Civilizations

World Civilizations

Compose short paragraph answers (6-8 sentences in length each) that describe the historical significance of four (4) of the six (6) terms below. Historical significance is more than a simple definition. Your terms should clearly show detailed evidence for how they are important in both the context of the historical period in question and broader course themes.

Choose 4 from the 6 terms below:

Janissary Corps Renaissance Sufism

Encomienda 1492 Expulsion Mongol Empire

Section II: Short Essay – (30% of the exam)

Compose a short, two – (2) – paragraph essay (8-10 sentences in length each) in answer to one (1) of the following questions:

Choice A – Why was the plague so devastating, and how did it impact the global system of the pre-Black Death era (1100-1300 c.e.)?

Choice B – Explain the Columbian exchange. What consequences did it have on regions both beyond the Atlantic world and within it?

Section III: Long Essay – (50% of the exam)

Compose a long, four to five – (4-5) – paragraph essay (8-10 sentences in length each) in answer to one of the following questions (support your answers with my lectures, the textbook, and all appropriate supplementary readings):

Choice A – How did societies rebuild after the Black Death and, specifically, what role did post-plague empire-building play in Afro-Eurasia?

Choice B – How did European colonialism transform the Americas?

Grading Criteria

Thesis Statement-~10%

Single statement laying out the argument of the essay. Should be obvious to reader and answer the question. The thesis is a “Roadmap.” You must tell me what you’re discussing in the essay. Hook your reader into the topic with a strong first sentence that answers the question.

Source Evidence-20%

You should include direct, relevant references or quotes from some of the primary source materials you’ve read. Beyond referencing these texts, you should also explain the significance of the evidence you use from these texts.

Contextual Evidence-40%

You should use the secondary sources (textbook and lectures) to provide relevant background/context for your essay.


Information is correct. Command of course information and readings should be evident.

Organization & Style-10%

Proofread. Informal, but should be organized clearly and succinctly considering you’ve had the exam question for several days and time to prepare outlines and potential answers.

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