write a 2 nights itinerary for a turistdeparturing from city of San Diego/ California to Los Angeles by public trnsportation

Itinerary for Los Angeles (California) weekend
You are to write 2 pages, 2 nights, a Tourist Itinerary without car only using public transportation, train; From San Diego (California) to Los Angeles (California); Include the transportation prices ( name the train stations you are using). Saturday & Sunday; 2 nights.  Itinerary, transportation, hotel, sights, cost. Submit a written itinerary with links.  ($10 MetroLink Weekend Day Pass + L.A. Subway?). Make sure you include the links for the places to see, hotels to stay, restaurants to eat, etc.
  Share your Itinerary and details with bullets and short paragraphs.
  Like this.
And this.  It’s much easier to read.
Make it easy to understand at a glance.
2 pages, double space, MLA, Times new roman, size 12,
Remember, there are lots that do see within walking distance from Los Angeles Union Station!

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