write an 7 DAYS european Itinerary , beyond Paris for travel fotography class

Itinerary -Beyond Paris
You are to write a 7 days itinerary to Europe (beyond Paris):
If you were on a guided tour (like Rick Steves (Links to an external site attached ))that ended in Paris and you had seven days to explore on your own, where would you go?  Plan your itinerary including hotels, transportation, and sights.  Submit written itinerary.  Make sure you include links to share.  (For me personally I would go to Mrren in Switzerland and the Cinque Terre in Italy, then fly home from Milano.  Eurail makes this very easy.  By the way, in the link above, Rick actually takes you to the Lauterbrnnen Valley / Mrren].  I’ve been there 5X so far and plan to go back!  My favorite travel destination… so far!!)  (ps*the instructor said this, not me! He is just giving his example so dont copy)
  Share your Itinerary and details with bullets and short paragraphs.
  Like this.
And this.  It’s much easier to read.
Look at Rick’s Itinerary as an example. 
Make it easy to digest at a glance (no long paragraphs)
Make sure is a 7 days itinerary, include links, 2 pages, times new roman, double spaced, 12 fonts


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