writing 122

Develop a primary post (approx. 150 words) that responds to the following prompt by Thursday, 11:59pm. I encourage you to post earlier in the week to get our discussion going!

Choose a specific passage from Wallace Stegners The Sense of Place OR Brent Staples Night Walker to summarize, quote from, analyze, and inquire into. This can be any passage that spoke to you: it interested you, confused you, shocked you, angered you, etc. Summarize the passage and the authors point of view and select a part of it to quote (remember your quote cupcake!). Analyze the passage by close reading the authors tone, word choice, and meaning. Conclude your summary and analysis with a specific, open-ended question for the group about the passage, how it connects to another idea in the essay, or what it tells us about the importance of place. The goal is to get the group to dig deeper into the essay and the concept of place.

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