Writing a negative email

PROJECT #2, PART A: Writing a Negative Email Message.

EACH STUDENT should upload Part A of Project 2 to Canvas by 11:00am, Tuesday Oct. 13. (50 points/individual assignment) NOTE: This assignment has been modified and is not exactly the same as the assignment described in the Weekly Schedule.

You are the Manager of Sunshine Data and you asked your assistant, Matt Adore, to write the first draft of an email to all employees, requesting them to cut down on automobile use.  Your company will be fined if this is not done.  You are dismayed by the email that Matt has written.

You now need to write an email to Matt, asking him to rewrite his email to all employees and giving him helpful suggestions on how to do so.
Your email to Matt should be tactful and encouraging, while helping Matt to write more effective negative messages.
Make sure to suggest helpful strategies for writing negative message.
Emphasize appropriate business-writing style.
Review Ch. 9 of the textbook, as well as the Video and PowerPoint on Writing Negative Messages. Both are now posted on Canvas in Week 8.

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