Writing Assignment

Childhood Anecdote

Tell me about something interesting that really happened to you when you were a small child. Maybe you got lost in a mall. Maybe you did something naughty. Maybe you or one of your siblings had an accident of some sort. Maybe you started a fire!

Part 1

Write 15 Verb Phrases. Use as many tenses and aspects as you can and identify them. (Use your Verb Phrase chart to help you).

For example:

1.  went (simple past)

2.  used to be (modal)

3.  would stay (modal)

4.  had been playing (past/ perfect, progressive)


Part 2

Using the verb phrases in Part 1, write 15 sentences telling the story of what happened to you. Underline all the verb phrases you use and their subjects.  You will get extra points if you can tell a complete story.

For Example

1. One summer, my family went on vacation near the beach.

2. At that time, I used to be afraid of water.

3. When my sisters went swimming, I would always stay on the beach.

4. One day, my sisters had been playing in the water all morning  when I became bored and got an idea.

You will be graded on the grammatical accuracy of your verb phrases, identifications of tense and aspect and your sentences as well as the variety of verb tenses and aspects you use correctly.

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