You will prepare a 1500 to 2000-word report (excluding charts, graphics, title page, and citation page) that describes the global operations of a large company of your choice.

Your paper must comply with the following details:

Follow the APA Style Guide found on the website for this course.
Use Times Roman, Helvetica or a similar font.
Double space
Include a separate title page with your title, name, date, my name, and class name and section (our class is MGMT 4870).
Do not provide a table of contents, or abstract.
The text of your paper must be your original writing. If you quote another source, be sure to provide a reference to that source, and include a reference page that lists all sources used to prepare your paper. IF YOU COPY TEXT FROM OTHER SOURCES WITHOUT PROPER CITATIONS YOU WILL BE FAILED FROM THE CLASS AND MAY BE SUBJECTED TO DISCIPLINARY REVIEW BY THE COLLEGE.
The tone of your writing must be formal. Keep the material in the third person as much as possible and avoid contractions and colloquialisms.
You must have at least six different sources that you reference.
At least two must be from academic journals.
Different parts of the same web site are NOT considered separate sources. These would be considered as different chapters in the same book, and a book counts as one source.
Wikipedia may NOT be used as one of your sources.
Upload your report to Canvas in Word format.

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