Young Women in Shakespeare’s Dramas

Young Women in Shakespeare's Dramas

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I've included a copy for the theme of this paper, it breaks down how every chapter needs to be written from beginning to end so the format should be easy to follow. There needs to be at least 5 sources per chapter, you can use the other 3 for the introduction otherwise move those extra 3 sources to the other chapters (total of 6 sources per chapter). The sources should focus on how the female characters are built as "weak" because they are women. It would be great to find a source that criticizes Shakespeare himself for this outlook on women. Finally, its important to write this paper chronologically so we can see the change of Shakespeare's plays from partial comedy to full drama. (Review the uploaded materials for a more in-depth explanation).

Theme: To prove that the three female figures are constructed by William Shakespeare to be missing apart of themselves their youth. As the drama progresses you find these young women lacking independence, and unable to cope with their own lives without the presence of a male character. In each of these plays you see the divide of men and women due to the social constructs shadowing over this era. Whether it be in a personal setting or on stage.

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