Zero Carbon Ireland: Irish Energy System Modelling

Zero Carbon Ireland: Irish Energy System Modelling

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The Zero Carbon Britain project has developed detailed scenarios for how UK energy needs could be potentially supplied from renewable (notionally "zero carbon") sources. This has included a technical model of the UK energy system, which has been make freely available in spreadsheet form. This project will seek to adapt this model for the Ireland context and present comparable detailed technical scenarios for Ireland. It will likely initially focus on adapting the spreadsheet implementation; but will also consider other implementation approaches (such as re-implementation in java, python etc.).

There should be a time scale of when I think it feasible to
have Ireland at Zero carbon i.e 2040,2050….??
There are at least two (potentially conflicting) drivers for
this: how soon is “necessary” (based on the risk/threat of
climate disruption in particular) and how soon is “feasible”
(technically, financially, politically, socially). A third
cross-cutting driver is international equity and fairness: of the
total global effort, how much of it is “fairly” our
responsibility. I would expect to see some evidence of
investigation and critical assessment of these issues: so that,
whatever target parameters you finally adopt (be that a “zero
date”, or an emissions trajectory, or a cumulative emissions
“quota”) you should be able to motivate and defend it.

Also please find attached a sample template of the format I would like used. Also attached is a list of references that could be used in review.


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